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20 October 2010

Waiting IS the Hardest Part

Today, the waiting is killing me. It really IS the hardest part. That Tom petty song comes to mind. Along with the Simpson's episode where Homer is waiting for a gun. You know the one, right?

I'm waiting for a phone call from the clinic today to tell me if those 3 little embryos that were growing yesterday are still growing today and if they are, what time we will have our embryo transfer tomorrow. What if they aren't growing? What if my eggs really do suck. What if we don't get this chance?

I know, deep down in my soul that B and I will survive. We were ok before this IVF cycle and we will be ok after it, regardless of its outcome. And today, as I walked my dog this morning in the crisp fall air before sitting down to my computer at work, I felt my cloud of sadness from the past few days less than stellar results, lift just a little...It also could be the anesthesia finally wearing off ;-)

So I sit here and wait some more and focus all of my good energy on those 3 embryos and hope beyond hope that they make it back to me. I'll post something as soon as I know.


  1. I hear ya,

    I am horrible at waiting too!!!

    I hope they call you soon!!!

  2. Holding your hand for the wait...

  3. Waiting really is so freakin' hard!!! I'm sending positive vibes your way, lady!!