"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

B & Me

B and I met in highschool the spring of my senior year. He asked me to prom and we fell in love, hard and fast. He was my first love, and I was his.

B was a year behind me in school, so I went off to college but we still managed to stay together, making weekend trips every few weeks to visit each other. We decided that following spring that I would transfer and we'd go out west to college together for his first year and my second... and that would be it. We'd find a perfect place in the mountains and live happily ever after.

However, about a month before both of our dad's packed up their respective mini-vans to drive our love-sick butts out west to college, we broke up. We were young and one of us wanted to experience dating other people (no need to share who...)

So, 2000 miles away from home, we ventured into our own paths, separated, crossing, but infrequently.

Fast forward 6 years down the road. I was dating someone and so was B. I was still out west, but B had moved back to the midwest to finish his degree. It was Valentine's Day, 1998. B called my apartment for some strange reason (he still will not say what motivated him to do so...) and we talked for a good 2 hours. It was like we had never skipped a beat in our conversations and I knew after that phone call that I still had some deep feelings for B. I broke up with my current boyfriend soon thereafter.

B and I continued to talk and get to know each other again and in about a year, I was back in the midwest applying to gradschool and we were back together, bilssfully in love, the second time around.

For the next 5 years, we dated and finished up our secondary schooling and found our footing in our careers. We were living 3 hours apart while B finished up his teaching degree and after school finished, he was spending more time at my place and just visiting his home here and there... He decided to look for a job in my town and the very week he had an accepted job offer and bought a ring.

On a sunny summer Sunday morning in July of 2003, after brunch, we rented a canoe and went for a paddle. We were actually arguing a bit because a) we both wanted to go in different directions and b) I wasn't being a very good paddler... in fact, I was really just being a lazy and wanting to enjoy the sunshine. He  was frustrated (little did he know how frustrated he would be by me for years to come... LOL!)... But he finally got the canoe to a place on the lake that was a bit secluded and I felt him moving around behind me. I turned and saw him fumble a bit with something in his pocket and all of a sudden, I got  nervous and wondered what he was doing. And right there, on the canoe, in the sunshine, he bravely opened up the box, and asked me to be his bride.

And I cried and got shaky and said yes, Yes, Of course!


That day has such a shiny sparkly feeling in my memory. It has so much promise in it and wonder. I look back on that day now and wonder what I would have told that myself about my future and if I would have wanted me to know what was in store. I also wonder if I would have told myself to start on our family sooner.

Probably I would not share anything except to say that I should learn how to be at peace and in the moment. That yoga will be my best friend. And that B will be even more of my rock than I know. He will help me through an insanely tough time in my life with grace and quiet strength.

So that's the story of B & Me. We got married up north in the spring of 2004 in a resort town where my P's have a cabin. It was literally the best day of my life... ever ... one which I know will never be topped until the day we bring home our first baby, and second, and... wherever they will come from.