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Our Journey

Here's a somewhat detailed time-line of our journey so far. In short, we've been through 5 IUIs, 4 IVF (4 fresh transfer, 1 frozen resulting in 3 chemical pregnancies) the majority of the testing that is out there. If you have ANY questions about testing and such, I am a wealth of info :-) .

Here are a few phrases that describe the things that may potentially causing our lack of baby: Premature Lutenization, Recurrent Implantation Failure, Diminished Ovarian Reserve (read "Crappy Eggs"), Insulin Resistant, Mild Immune Issues...

  • Feb - Started trying
  • Aug - Started worrying and wondering why it wasn't working
  • Nov - Started taking my basal body temperature ("charting")

  • Jan - First appointment with RE #1. Decided to try some IUIs. At this point we just feel maybe we need a little 'kick start' with some hormones.
  • Feb - Tons of test, including the ever popular HSG (ugh). All come back normal.
  • March - IUI #1 w/ clomid - BFN
  • April - IUI #2 w/ clomid - BFN
  • May - IUI #3 w/ clomid - BFN
  • June - Started TCM with Acupuncturist #1 and taking 'tea pills' of chinese herbs hoping to get rid of my 'liver qi stagnation'
  • July - RE#1 pushes towards IVF before we get too 'old' (in hindsight, maybe we should have listened to her). We weren't ready and decided to take a break, but continue with TCM.
  • Nov - Decide to go to new clinic. Meet RE#2. Decide to try a few more IUIs before going to IVF. She says, "You guys should be pregnant. On paper you look fantastic"
  • Dec - IUI #4 w/ letrozole - BFN

  • Jan - IUI #5 w/ letrozole - BFN. RE#2 suggests in a much nicer way that we move to IVF. We agree.
  • April - IVF #1 - agonist protocol, gonal-f - 16 eggs retrieved, transfer 2 grade A blasts on day 5 , freeze 2 hatching blasts on day 6, progesterone high on day of trigger - Chemical.  Sad, but a slight bit of hope.
  • June - FET #1 - 2 grade A day 6 hatching blasts transferred - BFN
  • Sept - IVF #2 - agonist protocol, gonal-f - 12 eggs retrieved, transferred 3 'good but not great' blasts on day 5, none to freeze, progesterone high on day of trigger - BFN
  • Nov - Spend remainder of the year researching why this isn't working for us
  • Dec - 2nd opinion consult with RE #3. Thinks I may have implantation issues and possible endometriosis because of the patterns in my bbt charts. First time an RE even looked at those.

  • Jan - Exploratory Laparoscopy - 1 small spot of endometriosis found, 1 small spot of inflamed tissue. All removed. Think that maybe, this could be it!
  • Feb - Decide to try Acupuncturist #2 and TCM and try to concieve naturally now that I have a 'fresh start'
  • June - Getting frustrated and wonder if maybe there are some immune issues. Free phone consult with RE #4.  Orders immunology blood workup.
  • July - Found some mild possible immune issues: MTHFR, borderline APAs, high CD56+ and also Insulin resistance. Started Metformin, extra Vitamin B6 and baby asprin daily.
  • Aug- Found a clinical trial with RE #5 and go through testing to see if I qualify.
  • Sept - Testing all clear, confirmed spot in trial
  • Oct - IVF #3  - Antagonist protocol, follistim, 2 4cell day 3 embryos transferred... Chemical. Back to the drawing board.
  • Nov - WTF apts w/ RE #5 & RE #2 - say my egg quality sucks. I could try again, but would have better succes with donor eggs or adoption.
  • Jan - IVF #4 - Antagonist protocol, gonal-f & menopur, 14 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, high progesterone on day of trigger, decided to freeze most on day 2, but still transferred the 2 lower quality one on day 2 for kicks.... ANOTHER CHEMICAL!!!
    When you lay it all out there, it sure does look daunting, huh?