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19 October 2010

An Early Phone Call...

... is never a good sign.

The nurse called and I could hear it in her voice: of the 7 eggs we retrieved yesterday, only 3 were mature. Luckily all 3 fertlilzed, but for the next 2 days I have to hope and pray that they make it to Thursday. Please let Thursday get here quickly with all of those eggs left growing!

I really do hate IVF today. I hate infertility and I hate that we're are here again. The waiting, the reporting, the lack of control. I'm finding myself in a negative sprial of despair. I hate despair.


  1. (((hug))) I am sorry you didn't get more.

    Saying all the prayers I can for your little eggies!!!

  2. Yay for 3 fertilizing!! I think 3 is a very nice number, and I'm betting they are all going to go on to be wonderful little embryos for you!

  3. Ugh... why does this have to be SO f-ing hard? Hang in there embryos!!! Hang in there Kat - this is so tough.

  4. I hate it too!!!! I wish this was easier for you!! I am praying that your 3 little guys grow big and strong. Hang in there, I know that is not easy.

  5. (((HUG))) Good luck Kathleen, I hope all three carry on dividing for you and become nice and strong embryos to be transferred. It so does suck at times. Hang in there.