"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

19 January 2010


I decided a few months ago that sometime in January, I would do a cleanse. And tomorrow's day 1 of 7. I've never done one before and have always been interested, but what prompted me to do this? I'm not really sure, except I seem to be pulled towards it. I feel that its a journey I'd like to go through and also feel that my body could use some resetting after a whole year of IVF meds.

When I reflect on 2009, I don't think my body did anything on its own except for maybe one or two months in between IVF cycles. That's kind of scary.... So now I feel like I need to start from scratch.

A friend of mine in the support group that I run led me to this detox/cleanse program (and appendix) (I KNOW!! and appendix?? what am I getting myself into) that was put together by some doctors here in Madison. It seems like a fairy approachable program with only one day of fasting instead of some of those scary ones that you have to go like 3 or 4 days without real food.

Basically, I'll be eliminating everything except fruits, veggies and whole grain (no wheat) from my diet for the next week... No coffee... No cheese... No ALCOHOL!!! EEP! But somehow, not only am I doing this, but the stars aligned and I convinced B to do it with me. He's such a good supporter! I can't believe he's willing to do this with me.

Additionally, on Saturday, we don't eat any food!  Instead we're going to spend the day somewhat isolating ourselves from the world. Reading, napping, going to a scheduled massage, and maybe a little meditation and yoga. I honestly think it sounds blissful, but we'll see how it goes.

In doing this, I'm hoping for 2 things:
1) For my body to feel different, better and healthier
2) Spend some time reflecting on the past and putting some closure around it. I suppose I haven't told you all yet, but I'm not sure if we are going to do another IVF cycle or not. I just can't bring myself to that whole whirlwind of meds, money, hope, despair right now. So maybe I'm hoping for some clarity to this possibility. We'll see.

Tonight in preparation for our cleanse, I did what any good Wisconsin girl would do....

I ate a ton of cheese and had a beer... (I'll miss you my precious!)


  1. GO K & B!!! I'm rooting for you and hope you get all that you want out of your cleanse and that it resets your body and minds for 2010. Hooray for cheese and beer! What a great way to kick it off! :)

  2. LOL regarding cheese and beer. You are SO my kinda girl. ;-)