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31 January 2010

Cleanse: Days 4-7... ALL CLEAN!

We did it! We survived our cleanse!  I'm all clean! Well, at least cleaner than I was a week ago... Now... where is that nice big bottle of wine that I bought at Trader Joe's???

Right after I posted my previous post, I proceeded to get VERY anxious about the upcoming day without food. It was about 3pm and I was sitting at my kitchen table studying on my day off work. (Side note: I'm an actuary.. and we study on our days off... and its not fun.. but hopefully after this last exam in May, I won't have to study on my days off ever again). Then B got home from work around 4:30 and we both were a bit cranky and anxious and I realized it was the first Friday night in a long time that we didn't crack open a bottle of wine or beer and figure out where to go or what yummy thing we could eat for dinner. 

Instead, the looming day ahead of no food and more importantly a Friday night without something to take the edge off the long week made us both a little anxious... Oh, and for dinner, we could only eat fruits and veggies... not a very promising or 'rockin' Friday night.

Instead, we found ourselves heating up a tasty treat of 'detox broth' and trying to figure out how to pass the time. Thank god for Trivial Pursuit! Why is it with alcohol, even if you aren't doing anything, you feel like you are doing something???

The next day we went to get a massage in the morning, which helps to release some of the toxins out of your muscles that have been loosening up from the diet changes and sauna's in the prior 3 days. It was really nice! And it passed the time without food for most of the morning, so really we only had to make it through the rest of the day. And it seemed to go pretty fast. Then, but the time day 5 came around where were we able to eat fruits and veggies again, the smoothie I made for breakfast was the tastiest thing I'd had in a long time. Then day 6 & 7 seemed to pass with relative ease.

When all is said and done, I'm glad we did the cleanse. I feel more healthy, my skin is happier, my body feels lighter and more energetic and I definitely feel like I let go of some emotions that I've been storing up inside me for a while. However, I do feel like I could have 'done it better'... doing more meditations, more yoga, going to the sauna everyday. I don't feel like I accomplished my goal of making any decisions about our next steps on how to get to our baby. But maybe that's the point. I don't have to be perfect at a cleanse and I don't have to make a solid plan. Its a learning process and the next time I go through it I can change a few things up, both the cleanse, and whatever it is that we try next on the road to our baby.

For now, I'm just happy to be eating chocolate again.

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  1. Wow, Kathleen. I think you've remembered THE most valuable piece of your soul during this cleanse.....perfection is just an idea. Letting go of that is by far the most freeing thing ever. Excellent job! :-)