"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

05 January 2010

About the name of this blog

One day, while I was in the dreaded two-week-wait of one of my failed IVF cycles, pumped up with hormones and waiting to see if the little 5 day old embryos that we transferred back into me would stick, I was lying on the couch in a fetal position watching an episode of "How I Met your Mother"

Now I don't regularly watch this show, but it was probably the only thing on at the time that would occupy my mind from freaking out about not feeling a twinge in my belly, or not feeling soreness in my breasts, or not having to pee more then normal, or not feeling really anything at all that would indicate that my embryos had stuck.

The scene is at the end of the show where the lead male is in the car with a woman who he used to date but broke up with him to go back to her ex. He is asking her how she knows that the other guy is 'the one' and she says she just does. He looks sad and melancholy but she then says that he will find the woman for him. In fact, she's on her way.... and she's coming as fast as she can....

And I simply broke down in tears...the deepest, shuddering, body-wrenching crying kind of tears and realized that my baby is coming... and its coming as fast as it can...

Somehow thinking that made me feel better, made me feel comforted in the emptiness that I was feeling... that my baby is really trying to get to me and trying as fast as he/she could to get here...

I guess my baby is coming from very far.


  1. Oh Sweetie....okay, I just busted out in tears. That is the most positive reasoning behind a blog title I can imagine. What a wonderful inspiration! Even though your baby is coming from "very far," he/she is coming....and THAT has to be at least the teeniest bit comforting. ((HUGS))

  2. We love you K!
    This got me thinking about that new Dan Brown book that came out. I don't know if you've gotten to it yet, but a character in the book studies how concentrated human thought (whether or not it's religious in nature), if done by enough people, can have a real effect on the world. Now, I know the book is fiction, but what if that idea were true? I've been feeling kind of lame writing in sympathy cards that "my thoughts are with" someone (and not that I'm praying for them, because I no longer pray. Just saying you're thinking about someone seems lame to me). But, what if thoughts really are something that can help someone else? If they are, then you've got a boatload of thoughts from this household pulling for you two, and I'm sure all your other friends are contributing their own, as well. This journal of yours can only bring more positive thoughts your way. We'll get that baby on the HOV lane!