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21 September 2010

Re-Post for ICLW

Once again, I've joined ICLW in hopes of making  more connections out there in the blogosphere. Here's a re-post from last month for those of you who are visitng my blog for the first time. Welcome, leave me a comment so I get to know you better and thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll continue with me along this journey.

Also, as a teaser to come back, I have an amazing post in the works that I hope to get up by the end of the week. I'll leave you with this.... its about a couple who struggled to conceive and created an amazing art project to help them heal. Its cathartic and beautiful... more to come...


  1. Looking forward to the post you described - cathartic and beautiful are great teasers, and will get me checking back later this week.

    ICLW #75

  2. Just in time for ICLW you and I are getting closer to our IVF cycles!!!

    I can't wait to see your post!!

    ICLW #100

  3. Oooh, that sounds like a fascinating idea!

    Wishing you well with your upcoming cycle. And thanks, Kathleen for your very kind words on WeeblesWobblog today. :-)

    *ICLW #5*

  4. Looking forward to the next post! And Happy ICLW to you!

    Im #130-something..

  5. Yes, yes, I'll be checking back too!


  6. Stopping by from ICLW...
    I am glad that your HSG went well, and good luck with your upcoming IVF cycle!

  7. Sounds like an interesting post! I'll keep an eye out. Happy ICLW!


  8. You have me interested! :)

    Happy ICLW #115

  9. Oh! I'm totally interested in reading your post later this week!

    Happy ICLW! :)

  10. good luck w/ IVF.

    happy iclw
    thanks for stopping by my blog

  11. Hi Kathleen :) Warm hellos from a fellow ICLW participant! I will definitely be back! And best of luck with your upcoming cycle!