"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

10 September 2010

A Wedding Wish

My sister L is getting married this weekend to her boyfriend of 11 years. Its going to be an amazing weekend. We're staying downtown Chicago and are starting the celebrations today with manicures and a bridal party luncheon. Tonight is the dinner rehearsal and then tomorrow's the big day!

I am absolutely thrilled for them and know that I'm going to be an emotional mess. It reminds me of my wedding and all the joy and hope that lifts you up that day.

Today I'm making a pledge to myself to make Infertility take a back seat and in fact, go lock itself in the trunk. I'm here to celebrate and fully be present with all of the celebration.

I of course have that little birdie sitting on my shoulder that is saying... "You should have been pregnant at this wedding. Hell, you should really be carrying around your baby, showing off your bundle of joy to your relatives and trying to figure out how to breast feed and get your picture taken with the wedding party"

But I'm going to tell that birdie to shove it.

And instead focus on the hope and love that this wedding brings. I love you L! I can't wait to see you walk down that isle and smile your beautiful bridal smile and dance into the night with your loved ones. I wish you guys a long life filled with love, laughter, adventure .... and babies... that come to you easily :-)


  1. I hope you can enjoy this weekend and celebration. Wow, 11 years together!!!!
    I often think of all the should have beens and know that will make you crazy. I agree with you about all the hope wrapped unto weddings. I look at my own wedding pictures and think that the girl in those images has no idea what is to come her way, she looks all bright and hopeful.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Have a fantastic time, K... and congrats to L! I hope you can celebrate all the joy and beauty around you this weekend. Your child will someday treasure the photos he or she can look through from this wedding, marking a love-filled family celebration and documenting this time in your life when you were waiting so eagerly and hopefully for that baby to get here and join you. I know it is bittersweet. So much of life is.

    This weekend? Dance. Hold on to B. Dance some more. Hug everyone around you. Dance again. Breathe and hug and dance. And enjoy the wine, of course. xoxo love you

  3. Oh K, I know you're going to have a fabulous time and I hope your pledge holds true and you have the BEST time with your family! Live it up girl...drink and be merry! Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it. XOXO

  4. our lives are so similar right now,

    My bro got married this weekend too, and I was also worried because if IVF #1 was Successful I would have been pregnant.

    Since AF showed up Late Friday/early Saturday I decided that I would only cry tears of happiness and use the reception as my final "Party" as we gear up for IVF #2!!

    I hope you had a great time too!!!