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18 September 2010

All Clear!

Just a quick update...

I had my SHG yesterday (a fluid ultrasounds that looks at the lining of your uterus to check for fibroids or any other things that shouldn't be there) and everything looked good, "picture perfect" as they say. I also had my final bloodwork done to check a few other hormone levels and those came back in the right range too.

So monday I will let the IVF study coordinator know the results and I'll likely be given the go-ahead to start my meds when I get my next period, in about 3 weeks.

The reality of a cycle is looming upon me. I'm not sure yet how I feel about it, but I do know that if things didn't come back clear yesterday, I would likely have been dissapointed. So that must mean at some level I'm excited. I guess I really should be, right? How often does one have the chance to do a free IVF cycle (for those of us in the self-pay world), huh?

I think I'm still in protective mode. I know the emotional challenges an IVF cycle can hold and maybe I'm just saving up my intensity for then.

.. or MAYBE, I've learned enough about living in the present moment that I'll be able to be 'zen' through this all... hmmmm... likely not, but hey, a girl can dream :-)


  1. Glad to hear that everything went smoothly. I am starting a cycle around the same time as you, so that makes us cycle buddies. Here to hold you hand as you get through it.

  2. Sorry to hear about your IF journey but it sounds like you're getting ready for a new cycle and hope it's the last one. It's hard to remain zen during this time, but we're all here for support.