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27 September 2010

Homework Sucks

I love when the world nudges you to rise above your emotional hangups and fears... (heavy sarcasm!)

Recall, if all goes well, I should be able to begin shots for IVF # 3 around Oct 10th or so. The week prior to this, I get to spend 3.5 days in a class on management called "Pathways". Has anyone heard of this?

I was actually looking forward to it. I thought it would be fun to get to know my fellow peers in management a bit better and also learn a different perspective on what I do so I can be a better leader. I'm sure its going to be one of those 'touchy feely' type ice breaker classes, with skits and such, that I haven't really done since girlscout camp, but I was still looking forward to it...

... until today, when I got our 'homework' assignment to be completed before class begins on Tuesday of next week. Here's the assignment: Read the first 6 chapters of the book "The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give to my Childern".

Really? Seriously?  You want me to read a book on parenting, and then discuss it with a whole bunch of parents, in a room, for 3.5 days, all while I'm trying to stay zen for my IVF cycle the following week?


Needless to say, I'm dreading being in that room now, fearing that I will just sit there and want to cry. Especially when former participants have told me that people really do open up in that class, to the extent that others have cried! But I really don't want to cry about this, not in front of the people I work with.

Please give me strength to make it through this class!


  1. Hi. First time visitor. I am an adoptive mother of one after a four year struggle with ART and IF.If you visit my blog, you will read about me and my son but the prior post talks of my continued struggle as an IF'er. I'm having a hard time grasping why this book would be chosen. Not everyone is a parent or wants to be a parent. I hope you make in through. Best wishes.

  2. Oh yikes! I gotta say this class sounds dreadful. At least this part of the class. WTH would they pick that book?! I don't envy you. Best wishes getting through it.


  3. i second Heather's comment. Why in the world would they ask you to read a book on PARENTING for a management seminar? Are they insinuating that you need to treat your employees like .... children? Ugh. so sorry.

  4. After everything they ask just say "well I don't have kids but I know with my dog Zoe ..." and launch into some unrelated dog story. If you make a mental game of submarining their stupid book with obnoxious dog stories maybe you'll be able to keep anything from getting too serious.

    I also have an Econ book called Parentonomics you can borrow to turn every topic into an economics discussion if you want... The effect should be similar.

  5. I was just reading your "about me" and I know exactly how you feel - I miss the mountains like no other! I moved from the west to the mid-west and the scenery is just depressing here. Not to mention that weather! ;)


  6. Oh my gosh that sounds horrific :(
    I hope you get through it, and then IVF #3 gives you your longed for baby.

  7. O. M. G.!!!! No wonder the heavy sarcasm! I'm sorry K....UGH!

    How about picturing everyone naked? Worked for Marcia Brady, right? ;-) xoxo

  8. that sucks!!!

    When I was in College I was forced to take a human resource course. I really hated it, there was one day I answered every one of my teachers questions by saying "I have never been in this position so I find it wrong to speculate on how I would think or feel.", you could try that.

  9. Oh K!! Wow...I'm really surprised by the book choice too. You can do this, your strength is amazing. You'll be in our thoughts :) EB

  10. Wait until you read it. You're going to like it even more after the...political undertone (and that's putting it nicely) become obvious.