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25 August 2010

Thanks for Stopping By (ICLW)

For those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time due to ICLW (International Comment Leaving Week), ...Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

I thought I would used this post to recap about my last almost year of blogging so you don't have to wade through all of the prior posts. I'm copying another bloggers format, because I loved the way she did it.. just a simple Q&A, as if someone was interviewing me.


Q: How did your blog get started and what is it about?
A: My header on the blog pretty much sums this up. B (the husband) and I are trying to concieve our first child and so far, after 3.5 years, many treatments and a lot of $$, we've not had luck. A few years back,  B and a few other supporters suggested that I journal in order to help me release some of the emotions that go along with this struggle. I tried and tried to write in an actual paper journal, but the words just didn't flow. Then one day, I thought, hey, maybe I'll try to type it out! Lo and behold, words come much quicker from my brain to the keyboard, than they do to a pen.

Secondly, I figured, this was a good way for me to communicate this journey to our friends and family without a) them having to ask me about it when they felt like they were prying (which of course they weren't, but I'm sure they still feel like it sometimes) and b) me having to feel like this is the only thing I talk about, ever. Here I can update everyone at once, and they can read it on their own terms. Its a win-win.

Q: What do you blog about  most?
A: As I said above, I mostly blog about the thoughts and feelings that swarm around in my head and heart as we try to figure out how to build our family. Infertility is a journey, as I'm sure you've heard, and so I simply write about it here. From techincal, medical info, to our next steps, to the fears and feelings in my head. Its all here.

Q: What do you like about blogging?
A: I LOVE the support I get from family and friends and I LOVE the comments! Its my favorite treat of the day, to see a comment from people and know they are supporting me or thinking of me. It helps give me fuel to continue down this road.

I also like the fact that this is a permenant record of a part of my life in the recent past. I don't ever want to forget what a life changing event this has been for me and B and maybe others in my life that have been touched by this too. I want to be able to look back on my posts and remind myself when I finally am a mom, to never ever take it for granted.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm the following; A wife, a best friend, a sister, a daughter, an actuary, a triathlete, a gourmet chef (in my head at least), a dog-mom, a vegetarian (ish), a wanna-be hippie, a wanna-be dancer, a yogi, a nurturer, an idealist, an encourager, a support group leader, a know-it-all (some may say:-) ... and a future mom.

Again, thanks for stopping by, and hope you come back!


  1. Aw, I am a wanna be hippie, wanna be mommy, vegetarianish, dog-mom daughter best friend sister too! Rock on.

  2. I love that you loved my post. lol! You're too cute. I am glad that you not only participated in ICLW, but that you stopped by my blog. You've sucked me in and now I must follow you (don't tell my husband I found another blog to follow lol).

    I am saddened to hear that your journey has taken so long. I am glad to read, however, that you let your friends and family into the journey. I think they are a wonderful support system, and I know I couldn't have gotten through my battle without them.

    I hope and pray that you realize your dream of becoming a mother soon. You sound like a wonderful woman, and the world needs more mothers like you in it.


  3. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and have enjoyed your posts. It is affirming that you are feeling and experiencing the same roller coaster emotions that I am as I go through my own infertility journey. Keep writing so that I can keep reading!

  4. I'm sorry about your long long journey. I started blogging back in Feb to keep my friends and family updated about our treatments as well as share some of my thoughts that are so hard to say, and hard to write--but much easier to write! Wishing you all the best in your journey!

    Happy ICLW!

  5. My favorite part of this post was the "Who am I?" answer. Look at all the wonderful things you are and will become. I can't wait for you to take the "future" part out of the mom title because above all you're going to kick a** at that too!. Love you 'K!!

  6. I am totally on board with Cherm, I LOVE the part about who you are. If I can chime in on that, I have to say you are a bright light and stunning spirit, and I can't WAIT for your baby to experience you first-hand. xoxo