"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

17 November 2010

Reminder to Self

Even though you are down,
Even though you feel like you are never going to achieve the family in the way you so desire,
Even though many days you want to just sit in bed with your dog and cry and sleep... (or drink ;) )

You are still able to find joy in other parts of your life
You enjoy being around other people
You can still make people laugh
You get excited about new challenges
Sometimes you even feel smart and can solve problems

Remember these joys on those dark days
Remember these fleeting moments of contentment and peace

And hold onto those feelings when you need them most
And know that the sadness will pass and joy will return


  1. Great Attitude!!

    Sending you tons of hugs!!!!

  2. Man... this is something I tell myself on a regular basis!

  3. Thanks I needed that today!

  4. Ditto KC! Beautiful poem....thnx K...xoxo

  5. I'm printing this out! Thanks for this, K.

  6. Many good thoughts. Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Thank you. Writing a positive reminder to yourself is way better than writing 100 sentences that have the word "can't" in them!

  8. what great things to keep in mind! I love your positivity!

    ICLW #124