"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. "

17 March 2010

Wavering in perspective

I waver in my perspective.

From one point of view, I've been on this journey for so long and I feel saddened by the efforts behind us that have failed. I feel a sense of finality, closure and defeat looms.

But turning around and facing a different direction, I see new hope and stories all around me of success after a long battle. I feel spring entering my home and want it to fill my body. I want to embrace the present with joy and hope for the future.

It's a constant battle. Which side should I look at. Of course we know the answer to that, but as soon as I feel positive about my next steps, the other side pulls me around and grabs me into a dark and gloomy place. Sure enough, I climb my way back out and light begins to shine again, only to fall around again into despair.

But today, there is a sign of spring in my yard, so for now, I will attempt to face in the right direction.


  1. Lucky you with the burgeoning flowers! I think spring brings good things. I feel better with these last few sunny days even when, in the dead of winter, I was convinced it didn't make any difference at all.