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19 March 2010

A Plea to my family & friends...

There is a woman who lives in our neighborhood. I see her walking along the sidewalk pushing a baby carriage and sometimes holding a baby wrapped up in a blanket. She walks a lot with her baby. In fact, I saw her today as I was driving home from the grocery store.

The thing is.... the baby isn't real. I think its her little dog. I think she wraps her dog up in a baby blanket and walks with it in her arms and pushes it in an old fashioned baby carriage.

When I saw her today, I smiled and thought it was sweet but a bit strange and then I thought... oh my god.. PLEASE DON'T LET ME BECOME THIS!

And that is my plea.

By the way...this post is supposed to be somewhat funny. Not as sad or pathetic as it could be interpreted :-)


  1. How old does this woman look? I think it's funny and also kind of sad. I mean, I would totally do this with my cat if I could (she would never go for it), but I think I would anticipate the strange looks and except people to think I'm a little kooky.

  2. LOL!!! OMG I have to agree I think that she might be a little off her rocker. You won't become that women K, because you WILL have a real baby to walk in your neighborhood with... :)