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29 June 2010

Me-7; B-3

Sorry! I feel like I've been away from my blog for way too long! I'm so sorry! I've missed you guys. I'll never be away that long again...

Today we had a woman come to our home to draw our blood at our kitchen table. It was really strange! I felt like I was in a movie. She seemed a bit disorganized, and it took her some time to read the instructions from the lab in Texas that was ordering the bloodwork. Then she says in a shocked voice, "You'd better have a good vein! They want 7 vials! 7!"

And I start to freak out in my head, forgetting all of the other blood draws I've had throughout these past few years of IVF stuff, thinking, " Oh my god, I'm going to pass out". Of course I didn't, but she could really use some better bedside manners, ya know?

So they took 7 vials of my blood and 3 vials of B's blood and sent them off via fedex to 2 different labs. The test they are going to run are twofold: 1) To test my potential for autoimmune issues and 2) to test B and my gene combination for alloimmune issues.

Both of these tests are meant to give some guidance into implantation failure. If they find issues with either of the blood panels in each of these categories, they could be a clue that my body is fighting off the little embryos before then can nuzzle into my uterus and stick tight.  I'm kind of anxious to see the results (and find out how friggin much this is going to cost us). In fact, I'm tempted to make a prediction on what they find...

...here goes: I think they find that I have high levels of Natural Killer cells (an autoimmune condition) and no alloimmune issues. I'll let you know when I find out if I'm right or not. Until then, we march on, in a direction unknown, trying to enjoy the summer and not freak out too much at how fast time is moving.


  1. When will you know what the results are?

  2. I'm concerned you two may be under the thumb of some sort of strange vampire organization - if she comes back for more be sure to do it in a room full of mirrors and garlic

  3. you guys are funny!!! we'll know results in about 10 days (ish)... maybe i need to read those dang Twilight books anyways, huh?