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17 February 2010

Dear Baby

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, B recommended, as did a few others, that I start writing in a journal. I actually bought a really pretty bound journal from Target and tried to write in it.

But for some reason, writing just didn't flow. I think that's why I didn't really take to journaling right away. Instead, as I sat at the laptop and typed out my thoughts, I found the words came out a lot easier.

I thought tonight that I'd share one of my handwritten entries from my first attempt at keeping a journal. This entry is from about a year ago before right before we were to start our first IVF cycle. Oh, the hope that was in all of our hearts back then. I still have that hope, but its a very different kind of hope right now. Its more patient, less desperate... even deeper somehow... Anyways.. here's the entry:

15 March, 2009

Dear Baby, 

I had dinner tonight with your grandparents and we talked about you. They are so excited and hopeful that you are on your way soon. I can't wait to make them grandparents. They are the most caring, giving and loving parents and will be such a HUGE part of your life.  We'll often go visit them and Grandma will hold you and cuddle you and sing you songs and give me a break when I need a break. Grandpa will laugh and play with you and when you are older, encourage you and teach you lessons. I can even picture you taking a nap together as he holds you on his chest in his favorite chair. And after a fun weekend visit to the grandparents, B and I will pack us all back into the car and drive back home and the whole way you will be telling us over and over how much fun you had visiting them. 

Our family is ready and waiting for you and here to welcome you into our open and loving arms...

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