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17 February 2010

Almost Perfect

Last weekend my family and I celebrated my dad's 65th birthday.  It was ALMOST a perfect night. We had drinks and appetizers at my sister's apartment. We gave him gifts. We played a dvd that I had put together of the last 35 yrs or so of his life set to some tear jerking songs. And then we went to a nice long dinner at a cozy steak place. And finished the night up at an irish pub.

It was an almost perfect night...

It was almost perfect because I had thought, just about 6 weeks ago that MAYBE we MIGHT have been pregnant on our own. It was the month before my laparoscopy and I missed my period by 2 days!!! 2 WHOLE DAYS!! And those of you who have done this infertility crap for a while know that for those 2 whole days, I really really thought it might have been possible....even after 3 years of no no no no no.... I still thought it was possible.

And in a split second, I had planned it all. I had planned when I was going to tell everyone and when were due and how wonderful it was going to be to give my dad the best birthday gift I could think of.... telling him he was going to be a Grandpa. I was going to save it for that night at dinner... and tell everyone together... and we'd all cry.. and laugh.... and this nightmare would finally be over...

... as I said... ALMOST perfect night.

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